Lightweight Trailers


I’ve been wanting to build a teardrop trailer for a long time.  Here’s some stuff I’ve collected when I’ve been thinking about my project.


Molded Lightweight Fiberglass RV

Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers

A Nice clean and smart build by a Mr. Tom Swenson – Teardrop Trailer Project   Dang!  This was a great link but now sadly gone.  🙁   Keeping it here just in case it comes back.

Nice Painting on a Nice Teardrop

A tiny travel trailer, not quite a teardrop, not quite an RV – The Weekender

Three Feathers Manufacturing
Smaller trailers in a variety of plan forms. COOL!

Plans / Drawings

Teardrop and Other Trailer Designs

PDF file of Generic Benroy plans

Kuffel Creek Plans for purchase